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Digital negatives are a great way to keep a copy of your wedding memories somewhere. You never know what can happen with the album, and in case it gets lost or damaged being able to reprint your pictures is always handy. Most wedding photographers will keep a copy of your pictures anyways, but always be sure rather than sorry, right? 🙂

Wedding albums still should be – and for me still are – the final product, the best way to look through your wedding pictures. However, it doesn’t mean digital files should be seen and delivered badly. I believe it is part of your memories and as such they should be delivered in the best way possible. For this year, I found a quite lovely black case with an absolutely gorgeous USB flash drive made of metal and crystal. That’s how far I like to push the details… 😉

photos de mariage remises sur une clé usb personnalisée photos de mariage dans coffret Photographe de mariage Suisse Clé USB personnalisée pour photos de mariage


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