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Reading all my articles, you’ll probably wonder if I’m some kind of Care Bear… well, while probably true, it’s also very true that I’m very lucky to have absolutely lovely and amazing people trusting me to document one of, if not the most important day of their lives. M&B are one of the couple that trusted me this year and I’m so glad they did! Despite the rain, their wedding day was an absolute delight! This wedding is a great proof that the weather doesn’t rule everything  on a wedding day. Sure, having a bit of sun may help to have a better day… but it just “may help”. The most important thing is love! And you can only be envious of the love these two share.

The day started with the groom getting ready with his best man, as well as the bride getting ready with her mother and bridesmaids. They saw each other for “the first time” at the Bex Temple for the ceremony. All the guests then drove to the place where I did the M&B engagement session in Bex a few months ago. Finally, we moved to the Grand Hotel des Bains, in Lavey, for the reception. During the short drive, we also created the couple pictures with one of those dramatic cloudy sky that I love sooo much!

Nos deux attachants mariés du jour ce sont préparés chacun de leur côté dans le petit village de Bex avant de se retrouver au Temple de Bex pour leur union religieuse. Tous les invités ont ensuite pris le chemin du lieu où nous avions réalisé la session pré-mariage de M&B. Enfin, profitant d’une pluie plus légère, nous avons réalisé quelques photos de couple sur le chemin pour le Grand Hôtel des Bains de Lavey où le reste de la journée a pris place.

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