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Three Crowns Weddding – Photo of the Week

8 August 2016

The picture below will require a bit of explanation to get the true meaning of it. It’s a nice image with beautiful natural lighting and a gorgeous bride and groom. But that’s not it. I took this picture during a wedding at the Hôtel des Trois Couronnes in Vevey. If you understand a bit of French, you’ll get know that Hotel des Trois Couronnes means Hotel of the Three Crowns. Three Crowns, the same thing found on the Swedish heraldry… and guess where our bride’s family comes from? Sweden, that’s right. So when I saw those three crowns on the lobby’s floor and the staircase going up three stories, I came up with the picture below, replace the center crown with the flower crown of the bride and the arms around the groom… call me detail obsessed if you want to, but that’s how far some of my ideas go.

photo de mariage hotel des trois couronnes de vevey