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Being a wedding photographer isn’t only about making documenting weddings. At least it’s not the way I wish to serve my clients. My job isn’t limited to documenting “a moment” of their life. The wedding day is certainly a great moment, a amazing day, THE BIG DAY. However, other events may eventually find their way to the family pictures albums. One of them would be the birth of a child – a very special moment that I regularly have the chance to photograph.

To offer my lovely brides and grooms with a service that does not stop right after their wedding day, but rather that finds its place in the life of the family is essential for me! It’s a side of my work that I don’t show very often because it is something that I only offer to “my married” for now … but who knows, maybe I could extend it further some time in the future 🙂

While this idea is making its way, here is a picture of a newborn, or rather a small “Mademoiselle” – she was just 6-day old at the time of the picture – that I photographed a few weeks ago.

Why this picture? Firstly to illustrate this hidden side of my job, and secondly for the tenderness it conveys. My photographic approach is become more and more photojournalism oriented. I find myself loving the documentary aspect of photography. Perhaps my curious child side that springs, or maybe just my character that evolves and grows into an increased sensitivity. I can not say, but this picture is simply soothing and I hope it will add a bit of sweetness in your day 🙂

photographe de mariage et de famille en suisse