Swiss Wedding Photographer Member of WPJA and AG|WPJA

Swiss Wedding Photographer

In my ongoing quest to improve my work – or my search for perfection, if you will – I sincerely believe that photographic competitions are one of the best ways to learn. Whether it is by observing the other photographers’ work, winning awards, or swallowing critiques. Each association offering competitions usually leans towards a certain style of photography. While WPPI seems to appreciate technically perfect work, Fearless is much more about originality. Both were the first associations I joined when starting out because the journalistic aspect of wedding photography was not my thing … Actually, it was not simply because I was not really good at it and I hate being bad at something. I knew how to create a beautiful image, I could create unique work but I was not able to tell a story through my images, so let alone through one single frame!

photographe de mariage suisse artistique


So here we are, in 2016. After a competition and association free year, working my journalistic skills, I just joined WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) and AG|WPJA  (Artistic Guild of WPJA). Being accepted is a first proof that I most likely improved my work for the better. Now, we’ll see how my first competition entries will do 🙂

photographe de mariage suisse journalistique