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Never have I cried at a wedding… yet. However, I almost did on that particular day during C&B wedding. Often did my eyes become glistening while couples read they vows, or when a dad left his daughter at the alter hugging his son in law… but no, I haven’t shed a tear yet. The wedding I’m showing you was particularly full of emotion, and our bride and groom are so kind, it’s hard not to feel like they are family; thus making it even more difficult not to cry.

But enough said regarding my feelings… I think the pictures below will show the emotion of the  day much better than my words. Afterall, I’m a photographer, not a writer. My day started with the makeup and hairstyling of our beautiful bride. She got ready in the lovely salon called Tête à clak in Vevey. Then I went to their house to document our groom putting on his bucolic suit before his wife-to-be came back to put on her dress. Once both were ready, we were lucky enough to have a bit of sun and have time to take their couple pictures in the gorgeous area of Lavaux, near Vevey. About an hour later, it was time to head to the Colonie de la Ville de Zürich in Charmey for the ceremony. The cocktail and reception also took place there, where the guest had the opportunity to spend the night. A kind attention from our bride and groom, avoiding any issue on the way back after a few drinks 😉

Maquillage de la mariée à vevey coiffure de la mariée à vevey Alliances des mariés Robe mariage champêtre Bouquet de fleurs pour mariage champêtre Habillage marié Laçage des chaussures du marié Préparation marié et damoiseau d'honneur Sourires lors de la cérémonie laïque de mariageMariage Champêtre à FribourgPréparation du marié Préparation de la mariée Portrait de la mariée Laçage robe mariée Parfum de la mariée Photo moment mariage Premier regard du marié Arrivée de la mariée Photo couple lac léman mariage Mariage Champêtre à Fribourg Photo mariage lavaux Photographe mariage suisse Portrait noir blanc mariage Mariage lausanne Larmes mariage Mamans des mariés Entrée mariée cérémonie Discours cérémonie mariage Emotion mariage Larme du marié lors du mariage Discours mariage Echange des alliances Emotions sur photos mariage Sortie cérémonie laïque mariage Apéro mariage végétarien Décoration d'un mariage champêtre Décoration de mariage vintage suisse Apéro mariage extérieur soleil Lancer du bouquet de la mariée Le marié lance le bouquet Animation mariage champêtre Danse des mariés apéro Soirée mariage fribourg Coupe du gâteau des mariés Première danse des mariés


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